Maggie May’s Scouse Soup


One of the great joys of being a food writer is finding out about some of the wonderful regional specialities made around the British Isles.

Quite a few like our first class cheeses, Cheddar and Stilton, and Yorkshire Pudding have gone on to become known and enjoyed around the world.

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Korean food – the next big culinary trend in Europe?


One of the best parts of being a food writer is getting to hear about new culinary trends as soon as they start to take off in the UK. The growth of world foods in the UK has long been of interest to me especially as I grew up in north London with vibrant Caribbean, African and Asian restaurants, shops and stalls all within easy access.

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The Czech Out


Just back from a short visit to Prague. It was great to visit one of the Tesco stores out there. The logo looked familiar but of course what was inside was often quite different, tailored of course to local customs and tastes.
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