Popeye’s favourite food makes a comeback

Oh how food tastes have changed since I was a nipper!

Recently I wrote about how beetroot – never the most popular of vegetables – has soared in popularity as shoppers look at affordable ways to keep healthy.

Now I hear that spinach has become the latest home grown vegetable to enjoy soaring popularity because of this new shopping trend for healthy, superfoods.

Spinach not only looks appealing but is full of nutrients too

Spinach not only looks appealing but is full of nutrients too

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Pudding on the style – classic sponge dessert comes of age

One of Britain’s most heart-warming culinary creations is making a major come-back on dining room tables after years of being pushed out of favour by fancier foreign competition.

The humble sponge pudding is back in the hearts of British diners after undergoing an evolution over the last few years to widen its appeal to a new generation.

For centuries the sponge pudding – or treacle pudding, as it is also known- enjoyed a position of being amongst the country’s best loved desserts – a treat that was traditionally enjoyed after Sunday lunch and served with lashings of piping hot custard.

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If you want to be bad – just beet it!

Apart from it’s tenuous endorsement, above, by Michael Jackson, beetroot has never had it’s moment in the limelight – until now.

It’s never been one of the most glamorous vegetables but beetroot is suddenly becoming very trendy as the latest superfood.

Growers and supermarkets are reporting all time high demand with many younger people finally falling in love with the vegetable because of the present juicing trend.

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