The great English cherry revival

When it comes to cherries, the English grown variety are hard to beat. I’d even go as far as saying that like our strawberries, apples and pears, British cherries are simply world class and easily stand up next to any from the Mediterranean or America.

That is why the news that our once ailing cherry industry is back in good health again after a long decline in the late 20th century is so heart-warming for fruit lovers.

Incredibly, the British cherry industry was on its last legs at the turn of the Millennium and at that time we as a nation produced just 400 tonnes a year – a paltry amount compared to what we were producing during the industry’s heighday in the post-years.

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Demand for Free From foods soars by 50 per cent in 2 years

As part of my day job as food writer for Tesco I see a lot of the latest retail data.

This week I heard how demand for Free From foods has rocketed from a niche specialist market 15 years ago to the fastest growing area of the UK food industry right now.

So many Brits now have a food intolerance or allergy that demand for the special foods to help sufferers has soared by an incredible 50 per cent in just two years.

At last - a peanut butter substitute with no nuts

At last – a peanut butter substitute with no nuts

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