Bumper crop of superfood aronia berries on the way

Good news reaches me from Scotland where the recent great weather has helped produce a bumper crop of a little known berry that many health experts are tipping to be the next superfood.

The aronia berry is already making big news in America as a fruit whose growing demand is starting to rival other recently acclaimed super healthy fruits such as acai and goji berries.

Aronia berries - tipped by health experts to be the next superfood

Aronia berries – tipped by health experts to be the next superfood

It’s recently gone on sale across the UK for the first time so I thought I’d find out more about it and get the lowdown direct from the horse’s mouth, as it were.

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Sweet beetroot launched to help kids enjoy superfood veg

If like me you’re a parent to a typical sweet-toothed youngster you’ll know just how hard it can be to get the little mites to eat a decent amount of vegetables each week.

But help is at hand thanks to the arrival of a sweeter and very colourful organically grown variety of superfood beetroot which looks more like something from an old English tuck shop.

Even its name is likely to get kids excited. It’s called Candy Stripe and interestingly it is an old variety that was popular in the Victorian era but has been long forgotten about.

The Candy Stripe beetroot

The Candy Stripe beetroot

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Pink flesh apples are UK’s latest home-grown fruit sensation

Great to hear of yet another adventurous British fruit grower who has gone out to try something different this year and put a smile on shoppers’ faces – this time with stunning pink flesh apples.

In the last month we’ve already had English watermelons and regular melons as well as red fleshed apples.

By coincidence all of this wonderful and innovative fruit has been grown within a 20 mile radius in the extremely fertile orchards around the Herefordshire/Worcestershire border.

In the pink - the eye-catching new Surprize apples

In the pink – the eye-catching new Surprize apples

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