Sausages and map – regional banger preferences revealed

Are you getting ready for the great annual British sausage fest?

For the next week at least the humble sausage will be ubiquitous, with Brits buying more than at any other time of the year as a result of Halloween and Guy Fawkes Night parties.

During this time sausage demand on average rises by 10 per cent – that’s the equivalent of roughly half a million extra packets of bangers.

Sausage sales are set to soar in the next week

Sausage sales are set to soar in the next week

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New seedless peppers bring end to tedious chopping chore

If there’s one tedious food preparing chore that drives me mad its de-seeding peppers.

They’re one of the UK’s most popular vegetables especially with youngsters who love their bright, vibrant colours.

But unfortunately for me as peppers have now become one of my six-year-old daughter’s dinnertime favourites I’ve been cutting up more than my fair share recently.

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The gospel according to the lady of shallots

Great news for the UK’s rising number of shallot fans – the quality of the delicate, sweet vegetable is very good this year, thanks to great growing conditions.

That's shallot mate.

That’s shallot mate.

In the last year volume demand for shallots has grown by more than 10 per cent and their popularity is growing on a yearly basis thanks to them being a key ingredient in trendy stir frys and Thai cooking.

This week I spoke about rising interest in the vegetable with shallot expert Rachel Kitchen of Kitchen Garden Produce, based in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire.

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