Cauliflower steaks set to liven up BBQs this summer

Tesco's delicious new cauliflower steaks - set to liven up BBQs this summer

Tesco’s delicious new cauliflower steaks – set to liven up BBQs this summer

As a pescatarian I know only too well how challenging BBQs can sometimes be if you don’t eat red meat or chicken.

Like pescies, as we’re known, vegetarians can still, to this day, feel like an afterthought at BBQ parties.

If the host doesn’t know about your dietary needs or if you get there late the likelihood is that it will be a case of slim pickings with perhaps just some corn on the cob or salad left to nibble on.

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Demand for salty seaside treat samphire is soaring

It’s been the seaside’s best kept culinary secret for decades, even centuries.

But now demand for the salty coastal sea plant samphire is soaring.

Being a pescatarian I particularly love it as its wonderful salty flavour and succulent taste goes so well with fish.

Wonderful samphire - no longer one of the seaside's best kept secrets

Wonderful samphire – no longer one of the seaside’s best kept secrets

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Super trendy avocado to be launched as a spread


There seems to be no stopping the avocado’s meteoric rise in popularity as one of the UK’s favourite types of fruit.
In the last year market sales of avocados in Britain have amazingly overtaken those of oranges with demand soaring by 40 per cent across all retailers.

Now the super trendy fruit is set to gain even more fans when it is launched for the first time ever in Britain as a spread substitute for butter and margarine.

The launch, by Tesco, follows several other recent avocado food innovations made by the supermarket.

These include introducing:
• the UK’s first ever prepared perfectly ripe frozen avocados
• the world’s largest avocado, called Avozilla, which is five times bigger than standard variety

Also being launched this week is a spread made from coconut oil. Both are dairy free, will cost £1.20 and will be available in 400 Tesco stores across the UK.